Year So Far...

It’s been an exciting start to 2011 for all of us at Gordon Murray Design. We’re working on several interesting projects, some of which we hope to be able to announce this summer and the most imminent of these is our T.27 electric city car programme which will be debuted towards the end of June.

Electric cars are a huge challenge at the moment, largely due to the cost of lithium ION batteries. Most EV’s are selling for around the £30,000 mark which moves them out of range for drivers who are looking for electric urban mobility. We anticipate that the T.27 should be about half that price thanks to the light weight delivered by our iStream® process and the smaller batteries. Lightweight is a virtuous circle with any car design but it is much more important with an electric vehicle.

We have been able to calculate the efficiency savings with T.27 relative to other electric cars and the results are beyond our expectations and targets. For example the iMiev uses 40% more energy than the T.27 and the Mini 86% more!

I really enjoyed driving the T.25 in the RAC Future Car Challenge last November. We suffered a bit in the London traffic for the final 10 miles as there isn’t a ‘stop-start’ fitted to the T.25 engine, but we still managed to return 96 miles per gallon and use less energy than all the diesels and half the hybrids! The good news is that this year we plan to enter both the T.25 and the T.27 so we will have an absolute back to back challenge between an efficient petrol car and the world’s most efficient electric car.

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