2009 came and went! We were all so busy building the T.25 prototype and looking for funding for the electric version T.27, quite a few things fell by the wayside including my quarterly updates of Planet Murray!

I intend to make amends in 2010 now that things have settled down at Gordon Murray Design...

Our T.25 prototype was finished and running on time and on budget which says a lot for the quality of the team here at Shalford. We drove the car through Guildford last week and attracted some amazed faces! Personally, that drive was a huge milestone for me as my first concept of what this car needed to be was when I was stuck in traffic on the A.3 way back in 1993.

After 7 months of due diligence, we received a 50% investment from the Technology Strategy Board worth £4.5m to design and prototype an electric version of the T.25, code named T.27. We began work on this programme in November 2009 and we will have a running car early in 2011. A combination of ‘clean sheet of paper’ design for both the car and the Zytek designed powertrain and the iStream® manufacturing process will keep the weight of T.27 to under 700Kgs and will make it the world’s most efficient EV.

The really exciting part for us is that we hope to work with the Technology Strategy Board to put together an owner or consortium to keep the T.25 and T.27 manufacture in the UK. We all feel strongly that the first example of this new green technology should be at home. After all, we led the last industrial revolution so why shouldn’t we take the lead in this new low carbon industrial revolution. The UK historically is great at innovation but not so good in converting this into manufacturing. I feel this will change in the coming years.

On a lighter note, I found some time to paint an elephant for a charity event in London called ‘The Elephant Parade’. 200 artists were invited to paint some 258 elephants for the parade. Mine is called ‘Karma’ and is in a happy herd in Green Park until the end of June when they will all be auctioned.

We’re looking forward to another busy few months but we’ll be sure to post an update on all our news at the end of August.

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