September Update

2018 seems to be flying by! We have had so much interest in our iStream® manufacturing system in the last 12 months and we are currently working in several projects with companies from many countries across the globe.

We have also spent the last 18 months developing our latest version of iStream which we call iStream Superlight®. Superlight replaces the tubular steel iFrame® with a simple, thin wall aluminium frame and the composite sandwich panels can be either glass or re-cycled carbon fibre iStream Superlight is by far the world’s lightest high volume body/chassis structure and typically delivers a 50% reduction in weight when compared with stamped metal.

The exciting news is that we are launching both iStream Superlight and the first product to use Superlight at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) event at Millbrook Proving Ground this week (Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th September).

At our ‘One Formula’ 50th anniversary in November last year, we launched our newly built premises at Dunsfold Park. At the same event we announced that we would be designing and building our own cars at GMA. The cars would fall into two categories, the first of which would be an iStream Superlight product from an automotive segment which we consider to be under populated. The segment we have chosen is a lightweight, everyday-usable mid-rear engine sports car in an affordable price range. This is our T.43 sports car and we will be unveiling the rolling chassis at LCV.

The business model that sits behind this platform licensing model is complementary to our existing GMD iTechnology® licensing model.With this new GMA business model, a customer can license or buy the iStream platform and save themselves about two years of design and development work.

On a lighter side, our Heritage collection continues to grow and I recently drove two continuation cars from the 1970’s – a 1975 Brabham BT44b and the 1972 Duckhams Le-Mans prototype at Dunsfolds Top Gear track – Great fun!

So look out for us on the LCV stand – we will be writing and showing a little more about the first GMA sports car soon.

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