September Update

I have just returned from a great weekend at Goodwood where TVR launched their new Griffith Sports Car. We have been working with TVR for the past 2.5 years on the programme so Friday at Goodwood was a very special day for us and we closed the company for a day to enable everyone to visit the Revival and attend the launch. The car received a spectacular reception and is a prototype that we can all be very proud of here at Gordon Murray Design. The design, engineering and styling teams we have are amongst the top teams in the world and it is a pleasure for me to work alongside such a dedicated team.

The TVR programme nearly didn’t happen because our iStream® manufacturing system was conceived and developed to be the enabler for structural composites to be used in high volume manufacturing for the very first time in the automotive sector and we weren’t sure that it would scale down to the low annual volumes required by TVR, but our Manufacturing and Research & Development teams worked with Engineering to develop a de-mechanised version of iStream® that delivers a cost-effective route for TVR’s production targets.

The launch on Friday was another first for us in that it was the premiere of iStream® Carbon in the UK. iStream® Carbon is our premium version of our composite manufacturing system and it brings a carbon fibre chassis down to a level where it can be incorporated in a variety of vehicle types – racing car technology and materials for all of us!

The event was also special because this year is TVR’s 70th Anniversary as a marque so the announcement of the Griffith was very special for Les Edgar and his team. This year is significant for our company as we celebrate our 10th year, but it is also a milestone year for me personally as 2017 brings my 50th year in car design and to celebrate these anniversaries we are working on an exhibition which is scheduled for November this year – So keep watching this space for more details!

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