October Update

The first half of 2020 has been extraordinary for the Gordon Murray Group in so many ways. Firstly copying with the global pandemic has been a challenge for our management and our team alike added to this was the required adjustment to our working practices to keep our GMA T.50 programme on track.

On the 4th of August we had our global launch of our T.50 supercar to a rapturous response from the press, the public and our customers. Our small, dedicated creative sales and communications team did a fantastic job of the event. I am very proud of the T.50 as a finished product but I am equally proud of what our team achieved in such a compressed timescale.

A large proportion of the cars were pre-sold and the remaining cars sold out in 48 hours with further interest expressed by another 200 potential customers!

Our mule car ‘George’ ran last month with the Cosworth GMA V.12 and our Xtrac gearbox and we are currently building XP.1, our first prototype T.50, which marks the beginning of a rigorous 15 month vehicle development programme.

We will have the official opening of our Gordon Murray Automotive Customer Experience Centre soon and I look forward to engaging with the T.50 owners on the specification of their cars – always an enjoyable experience.

It’s been great to welcome Dario Franchitti to the team – we had a lot of fun filming the T.50 launch video together and Dario will be filming a video series to capture the development of the car following its journey from launch to production, whilst introducing the Gordon Murray team on the way, so make sure you look out for that!

My thanks go out to our entire team, our supply chain and the T.50 owners who have shown faith in our company, our brand and our capabilities.

History and time will tell if our T.50 becomes the last great analogues supercar.

I wish you all well and good health in these uncertain times.

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