October Update

2019 has turned out to be a very full and exciting year for the Gordon Murray Group of companies so far. Gordon Murray Design is developing iStream® products with several different countries and many very different products including our first electric autonomous car!

The last few months has seen the launch of my book ‘One Formula’ – 50 years of car design, which has been nearly three years in the making! Our biggest problem with the book was deciding what to leave out as I have kept all of my notebooks, drawings and memorabilia from the sixties until now. The book covers 85 car designs and runs to 948 pages, and two volumes, and it’s strange to think that the cars we are working on now will need a volume three one day.

Our T.50 supercar programme is progressing well and bang on target. The styling of the car looks fantastic and the fan assisted aerodynamics are quite outrageous. Cosworth are doing a great job with our 4 litre V.12 and it is a piece of engineering jewellery. We took a team to Pebble Beach this year and presented to our customers and owners from the States. I always love meeting the customers and discussing the car face to face. The T.50 owners are split into two distinct camps, the first being current F.1 owners, or of an age group that have previously owned an F.1 or missed one first time around. The second group are the under 45’s who all say that the F.1 was their poster car when they were growing up and now they have a chance to have the F.1 for this century. It’s great that the T.50 owners have recognised the car for what it is and why it is so much more of a driver’s car than any of the current supercar crop. We are launching T.50 in the first half of next year.

Our prototype team have been busy building and restoring my heritage cars in readiness for our planned heritage centre in 2022. It has been really nostalgic for me to see my cars from the sixties, seventies, and eighties brought back to life.

We have some exciting announcements to make about the Gordon Murray Group in the forthcoming months and I will be doing an update at the end of the year.

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