November Update

September through to November has been a great time for our company. During this period we have witnessed so much interest in the OX off-road truck from both the press and the public and we are currently working with the Global Vehicle Trust to find a potential manufacturer.

We had two great events for the business in September, the first being a nomination for an award from Innovate UK for ‘Advances in Manufacturing’. Gordon Murray Design was one of twenty British companies shortlisted from an original list of more than 1,000 enterprises. The awards were announced in Westminster and although we didn’t win, it was an honour to be short-listed.

On the 2nd of November I attended an awards luncheon at the RAC Club in Pall Mall with our senior management team, where we were awarded The Dewar Trophy for our iStream® manufacturing technology and the OX all-terrain flat pack truck. The trophy is awarded for ‘an outstanding British Technical Achievement in the automotive field in the preceding year’ and is renowned for being the most prestigious award in British engineering - so an honour indeed!

During the last few weeks I have given three different talks or lectures but perhaps the most fun event was a talk to the members of the recently formed Car Society at Winchester School – a very enjoyable experience.

Over the years, I have from time to time, written technical articles and columns for various publications and just recently I have agreed to write a monthly column for Classic Car Magazine and I am really enjoying the challenge as it helps me focus on what I like about Classic Cars and driving generally.

Finally, some very sad news, my dear friend and colleague Paul Rosche died recently. Paul and I became very close friends after we worked together from 1980 on the Brabham BMW programme. We had fun and we had success – BMW’s first (and only) Formula One Championship, the McLaren F.1 V.12 engine (for me it remains the best road car ever made) and BMW’s first win at Le Mans. Paul was a gentleman and a genius, and the legacy he has left at BMW should never be underestimated. He will be sorely missed.

Just recently, the McLaren F.1 was voted ‘The Best Supercar Ever’ at the London Classic Car Show which was great news for my small team that worked on the project in the period from 1990 to 1998.

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