June Update

2017 is turning out to be celebration time here at GMD. This year marks a decade since we started the company and began developing our iStream® manufacturing technology.

We are now at a point where iStream® is fully developed in 3 formats and we are currently working on several customer production cars, ranging from 2 seater sports cars through to a large luxury car and even a 3.5 ton truck. iStream® Zero is employed on the T.34 OX off-road truck which was launched in London in September last year, iStream® is utilised for Yamaha’s T.26 city car and iStream® Carbon as used on the T.40 Yamaha sports car shown at the last Tokyo Motor Show and the T.37 TVR Coupé. The 4th version of iStream® will be iStream® 3 which combines our stabilised composite panels with aluminium to produce what promises to be the lightest, strongest and most durable lightweight manufacturing technology yet seen in automotive history.

Another celebration this year will be centered on the fact that 2017 marks 50 years of car design for me personally. My first racing car the 1967 IGM Ford is 50 years old this year and the prototype shop here at GMD have faithfully re-created the car and the engine. I tested the little racer at Dunsfold recently and experienced a great wave of nostalgia as the car drove and sounded just like the original all those years ago in South Africa. Lord March has invited me to drive the car up the hill at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next weekend - I can’t wait!

To celebrate the 50 years of design and 10 years of GMD, we will be creating an exhibition in November showing a large proportion of all my cars and our iStream® products. We are currently building a new facility at Dunsfold and this is where the exhibition will be set out. During the event we will have some exciting announcements to make about our future.

Yet another celebration this year is the 25th Anniversary of the McLaren F.1 launch and I recently attended an F.1 rally in Bordeaux to witness a gathering of 22 F.1s. I find it difficult to believe a quarter of a century has passed since we launched the car in Monaco.

Roll on November when we can share our exciting plans for the future with GMD and iStream®.

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