Our company was set-up to develop the iStream® automotive manufacturing process which we hope will help to revolutionise the way the world builds cars. We’re nearing the end of the first phase of developing iStream® as we’ve reached a major milestone.

We now have a running vehicle, our laboratory car called Lizzie - There’s a tradition amongst the team that goes back to the F1 Road Car project where all laboratory and prototype vehicles were given a name. For the F1 project they were named after English Kings, the SLR project they were named after German Kings and we’re following the Royalty theme once more with English Queens.

We held our 1st Drive Demonstration Event on Friday 29th May which was a resounding success – I can honestly report that out of all the first prototypes I’ve driven, Lizzie is the most complete and cohesive. The drive was fantastic!

It’s only a matter of weeks until we have a full running prototype complete with body and interior as we’ve started the assembly of XP1 who’s official name is yet to be agreed.

The final milestone of the first phase of the company will be to engage with customers and we’re working really hard to keep the T.25 in the UK.

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