February Update

It was a huge honour to attend the unveiling of the McLaren F.1 showcase ‘The Inside Story’ at the London Classic Car Show last night. Myself and the team at GMD had the most memorable evening.

I joined Ari Vatanen to officially open the four-day event. Jenson Button arrived on Grand Avenue driving the McLaren F.1 (for the very first time). The very lovely Suzi Perry hosted a live Classic Six Nations Cup debate including Bruno Senna, Jonny Smith and Jodie Kidd amongst others. It was lovely to catch-up with Dave Clark and Alain de Cadenet too!

Congratulations to the events team, they did a great job of presenting the F.1 as ‘Fastest car in the world’ and ‘World’s first carbon fibre road car’, yet the presentation at the ExCel dived much further into the background and the attention to detail. This was very much appreciated by myself and the F.1 design team as I applied almost fanatical focus on light-weighting and detail engineering during the design and prototyping period.

When I set out the concept for the F.1 design, I concentrated on trying to produce the best engineered drivers’ car. Whether a car becomes a classic or even iconic further down the line, is up to history to determine.

The entire show was fantastic and if you missed the opening, I would certainly recommend a visit this weekend!

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