February Update

The team here at Gordon Murray Design® really had to hit the ground running in the beginning of 2018. The announcement of Gordon Murray Automotive™ and iStream superlight™ at our One Formula event in November last year has brought a flood of new inquiries to the business.

The concept behind Gordon Murray Automotive™ is to offer customers a fully developed iStream® platform for license as opposed to only licensing the technology under the Gordon Murray Design® model. This further reduces the already short time to production for our customers with a turn-key platform.

iStream superlight™ uses aluminum sections and our re-cycled carbon panels reduces the weight of a stamped metal structure by around 50 percent, and this too has caught the eye of a few manufactures. We are currently engaged with or talking to 7 customers from 6 different countries.

In parallel we have begun work on our first Gordon Murray Automotive™ platform and we are involved with our first autonomous vehicle programme. Personally I am a bit ‘old school’ as I love driving and in particular my classic cars, but for our company being involved with new and cutting edge technology is very exciting. Our manufacturing system is completely future-proofed as whatever the power source is or even whether the vehicle has a driver or not we will all still need a light, safe and low investment body structure.

With all of this going on I am very much looking forward to 2018 being our most exciting year yet!

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