December Update

With the Christmas break upon us, it’s time for the team here at Gordon Murray Design to reflect on a very busy and productive year and to look forward to an action-packed 2019.

At our ‘One Formula’ 50 year celebration event last year, we announced two of our own products, the first of which is high volume mid-rear engined sports car platform – T.43 which we launched at the Low Carbon Vehicle event in September this year. We already have potential customers interested in this platform. The second product is a limited edition supercar which promises to re-write the supercar rulebook once again, just as the McLaren F.1 did in 1992. More news on this car during the first half of 2019.

We had a very successful launch with the ‘Ox to India’ programme earlier this month and it is great to see the little truck working in its element providing mobility and services in remote villages. We have already had interest from several prospective customers in possible volume production. The final design and the launch in India was made possible partly by crowdfunding and partly by our partners Shell.All in all, a great success.

We have been working on the design of the all new Gordon Murray Group Headquarters campus which we will be announcing in January and our engineering teams are currently engaged on multiple iStream® projects, so 2019 looks like being a very busy year.

I would like to wish all our customers, suppliers and followers a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.

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