The Project Management department is principally responsible for the overall direction, coordination, implementation, monitoring, control and completion of projects.

The primary focus of the Project Management department is to oversee all aspects of projects; ensuring that the demands of the project are met and specifically, that the deliverables, milestones, costs, quality, communication and timing are adhered to at all times, with the express aim of achieving exceptional project success. This must all be done whilst maintaining excellent relationships with our clients throughout the projects.

Each Project Manager manages a highly motivated cross functional team, to implement Gordon Murray Design’s unique technologies to create class leading automotive products. Our clients include key global automotive OEMs, so tailoring our management style and processes to their established methods while still challenging their long standing technologies, has been critical to the ongoing success of our projects.

Our project management team has been selected based on their individual proven track record in automotive management and also the high level of technical capabilities demonstrated throughout their careers.

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