The creative design team is diverse and talented and provides a vital element within the Gordon Murray Design office. ‘Form and Function’ is our mission statement.

With capabilities to create a visual representation of truly innovative projects from the initial sketch to scale clay models, to the delivery of a show car to the highest of standards - as revealed at the Tokyo Motorshow in 2013
with the unveiling of Yamaha’s MOTIV.e.


The Gordon Murray brand will continue to develop, as will the brand of Gordon Murray Design alongside all other departments within the company to establish its own global identity as one of the finest automotive design companies in the world.

Gordon Murray Design continues to attract a high level of interest from members of the media and of the general public and is therefore important for us to continue to raise our profile to ensure that Gordon Murray Design becomes instantly recognisable as a brand in our everyday lives.

Programme documentation

The implementation of programme documentation begins from the initial programme outline in order to capture each of the key stages for all projects - to include recorded footage through the use of film, a photographic time line to capture the prototype build, test rigs, the very first drive of the prototype vehicle and the benchmarking process.

Graphic design

The Graphic Design output from the creative team is equally ground breaking creating a strong and unique visual framework, both internally and externally. The visual output is multi-disciplinary spanning editorial, interactive media, vehicle digital displays, vehicle identity, filming, apparel and more to create a complete in-house design facility for both Gordon Murray Design and respective clients.

Patents and Trademarks

The creative thinking of the team paths the way for a unique design and engineering solution that we capture through intellectual property - iStream® was the first worldwide patent to be granted on many ground breaking solutions.

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