T.25 & T.27

The T.25 & T.27 represents a major breakthrough in city car design in the areas of weight, footprint, safety, usability and efficiency. Whilst applying a holistic and fit for purpose approach to the design and development of the T.25 & T.27, Gordon Murray Design have taken the opportunity to incorporate solutions to a multiple of urban mobility problems into the T.25 & T.27 design.

The inclusion of Formula 1 derived materials philosophy and technology coupled with chassis frame design (‘Direct Load Path’) gives an immensely strong structure (‘safety cell’) both in ‘end’ and ‘side’ impact scenarios. This is also designed to meet the cost targets of high volume production.

A world leading 6 metre turning circle will help with urban manoeuvring and parking whilst its 1.3 metre width opens any opportunity for timed lane zones with 2 vehicles travelling and over taking in one lane. Combining this with the car length, could triple lane usage at peak times. The T.25 & T.27’s short length also opens an opportunity to park end on to the curb and the door opening allows 3 cars to be parked in one parallel parking space. Gordon Murray Design was established in 2007 to develop an innovative and disruptive automotive manufacturing technology trademarked iStream® and the design and prototyping of the T.25 & T.27 was central to both the development and validation of iStream®. This manufacturing process is now industrialised including final factory designs by specialist automotive consultants.

The T.25 & T.27 external dimensions create the opportunity to:
  • Park at 90 degrees to the curb, offering real consumer benefits,
  • Park up to 3 cars in one parallel parking space - giving rise to
  • lower parking charges.
  • Increase traffic flow,
  • Explore the possibility of 2 vehicles travelling and overtaking in
  • one conventional lane. Combining this with the car length has the
  • potential to triple lane usage at peak times.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of vehicle manufacture
  • (ie: lower material content etc) and day-to-day operation.
The central driving position generates:
  • A unique, ‘cool’ and fun driving experience,
  • Promotes safety and ease of parking as a result of excellent
  • all-round visibility and road awareness,
  • The opportunity to offer a single-seater option with retrofit
  • bolt-in rear seats,
  • Class-leading rear passenger leg room
  • (better than most ‘B-Segment’ cars).
The ultra lightweight by design (approximately 550kg) means that:
  • Component life is increased
  • Reduced energy is required to power vehicle, giving rise to higher
  • fuel efficiency (mpg/electric battery range).
  • A competitive power to weight ratio is achieved.
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