Gordon Murray Design has the imagination and it has developed a radical new process of making equally mould-breaking vehicles. It’s called iStream® and it’s a fundamental re-think on the way cars are designed, developed and manufactured. Holistic in its cradle-to-grave approach, it combines lightweight Formula One technology, low-carbon propulsion, excellent safety standards and unprecedented manufacturing flexibility. iStream® will be the biggest revolution in high volume automotive manufacturing since Henry Ford introduced the production line over a century ago. Conventionality and conformity have had their day.

iStream® is a radical cradle-to-grave rethink on the automotive manufacturing process that uses known technologies. It is centred around a ‘Think Light’ philosophy that creates a virtuous cycle of low-weight benefits:

  • It employs Formula One technology with all of its benefits and none of its prohibitive costs
  • Cost-effective flexibility enables a single production line to assemble
  • diverse iStream® vehicle variants with different powertrains
  • Compact, quiet and low-carbon, an iStream® production site require up to 80% less investment than traditional assembly plants
  • An iStream® vehicle exceeds current Euro NCAP passenger and pedestrian impact regulations
  • An iStream® vehicle delivers a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions over its entire lifecycle compared to its traditional rivals

iStream® forges an entirely new production method that defies conventionality with its Formula One-derived construction and materials technologies. The core tenet of this process is a fit-for-purpose approach to lightweight material usage and low parts count to achieve an ultra-low vehicle weight. Reducing weight benefits every aspect of a vehicle. The combined iStream® result is an advantageous weight-saving of up to 200kg on a typical supermini.

If its platform, chassis and components are all lighter, it will require a smaller and lighter powerplant and transmission, enhancing performance and economy while lowering carbon emissions. Components can be smaller and lighter, too – brakes, suspension, steering and cooling elements can be scaled accordingly, further reducing the vehicle’s environmental impact.

And a lighter vehicle will generate less wear and tear on these parts, boosting durability and further lowering the costs of running the car.

This highly innovative and low-weight iStream® architecture and packaging options also delivers uncompromised safety, comfort and refinement levels.

  • iStream® intelligently strips out unnecessary weight to create a virtuous cycle of benefits
  • Less weight means less wear and tear on parts and components, further reducing running costs
  • Lowering weight – by up to 200kg in a typical supermini – boosts economy and performance

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