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Gordon Murray Technologies


Gordon Murray Technologies combines the expertise of visionary designers and engineers to bring disruptive technologies and low environmental impact innovations to the mobility sector.

Gordon Murray Technologies is guided by seven core principles:

Driving perfection

Performance through light-weighting

Engineering excellence

Sustainable mobility

Disruptive technologies

Low energy solutions

Innovation by design


iStream is an innovative manufacturing process from Gordon Murray Technologies – a chassis that is scaleable to suit any type of vehicle and powertrain. iStream comprises a metallic iFrame to which major components - including powertrain and suspension - mount to, and fast-moulding composite sandwich iPanels. The latter are bonded to the iFrame, acting as stabilising shear panels, for a very stiff overall body structure.

The result is a lightweight automotive platform that meets all the legislative demands of a modern car, and with a fraction of the manufacturing cost.

Key Points

  • An innovative, scalable manufacturing process
  • Metallic iFrame
  • Composite iPanels
  • Low tooling investment
  • Low manufacturing cost


A primary factor governing battery performance in current electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, both during fast charging and under load, is effective thermal management. Gordon Murray Electronics is working on a programme to enable a step change in fast charging and battery cell cooling: immersive battery cell technology.

By immersing battery cells – packaged via a patented cell separation technique – in an e-fluid, thermal control for fast-charging or during high-load activity is optimised. The concept is modular, ensuring the technology is scalable to suit a number of vehicle platforms.

Key Points

  • Patent pending
  • Optimises thermal management: heating and cooling
  • Enables faster charging
  • Enables greater efficiency under load
  • Modular and scaleable


Utilising its iStream technology, Gordon Murray Technologies has developed three state-of-the-art electric-vehicle platforms spanning a wide range of segments: lightweight sports, small-compact and medium-large vehicles. To enable this scaleability, the electrical architecture is split into six domains: body, powertrain, infotainment, ADAS, chassis and gateway.

Each domain complies with all relevant safety and security legislature.

Key Points

  • Three electric-vehicle platforms
  • Lightweight sports vehicle
  • Small-compact vehicle
  • Medium-large vehicle


Gordon Murray Electronics has developed a number of key technologies in Gordon Murray Automotive’s halo supercar, the T.50. Among these are the Integrated Starter Generator, the Active Aero Fan Motor, and both Power and Body Control modules.

The implementation of these technologies on the world’s most driver-centric supercar will enable their utilisation in future GMA and third-party vehicles. For example, the Integrated Starter Generator replaces the conventional, separate, starter and alternator found in conventional cars and – while weighing only 11 kg – can be adapted for electric-vehicle applications.

Key Points

  • Key technologies proven in T.50 supercar
  • Further use in both GMA and third-party vehicles


A key component of Gordon Murray Electronics’ strategy is to become a nominated full-service Tier-one supplier for the design and prototype manufacture of harnesses.

This service will include the schematics, harness drawings, harness build and automated tests.


Light Lighter Lightest

iStream Superlight chassis technologies use innovative production techniques to significantly lower the cost and environmental impact of vehicle manufacturing. The use of recycled materials further enhances the environmental benefits of Superlight, while the 25-35 per cent weight saving over a conventionally manufactured vehicle structure boosts range and lowers lifetime carbon impact.


  • Lower emissions and energy use
  • Use of recycled materials for lower CO₂ impact
  • Low-cost set-up and manufacture
  • Modular platform options and automation potential
  • Reduced time to market
  • Reduced manufacturing infrastructure
  • Future proof bodywork

Ultralight monocoque


Gordon Murray Technologies Ultralight iStream® technology is an entirely new carbon/aluminium vehicle chassis architecture, first conceived for the Gordon Murray Automotive T.33 supercar.

Ultralight iStream® technology delivers on Gordon Murray Technologies core principles enabling greater performance and efficiency through light-weighting.

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With a focus on delivering driving perfection through engineering excellence, Gordon Murray Automotive is growing rapidly, expanding its global footprint and building on its relationships with major vehicle manufacturers and technology companies. Do you have the drive for excellence?